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About Dangler Academy


Regardless of a player’s skill level, it’s no secret that if kids experience improvement in their skills, no matter what their athletic ability may be, they will continue to participate and return to learn more. The amount of ball/puck touches far outweigh regular practice and games.

Players are instructed to perform several stickhandling movements (like an aerobics class) with proper technique, repetition and rest. Executed with and without obstacles. Passing/challenges also incorporated. Throughout the session kids will build their confidence while increasing speed and control in an environment that is pure hockey fun.

For beginners or those experienced wanting to refine their skills.

Participants will be provided with an interactive player log book to introduce the idea of goal setting utilized by coaches, parents or kids themselves with time spent stickhandling and shooting. After a full session, kids will be empowered to continue on with training in a cost-effective and challenging way. 

Team training has been a proven success to compliment a year long plan. 






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*Included with multiple team sessions booked. Interactive 13 page 2020 Player log book to track time spent stick-handling and shooting.  Samples Drills and information presented so kids can review and self motivate.