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Welcome Letter


Welcome to the Dangler Academy team!

  Dangler Academy is committed to working with hockey players when ice time is getting more difficult to find. Specific, repetitive stick-handling training is often overlooked because of time. Stick-handling is one of the most important skills in Hockey. Well designed skill sets are the key to engagement and enhancing creativity. 

  It takes years to be comfortable with all aspects of the skill. It is important to be patient and enjoy the process. Whatever your baseline skill is, there is always room for improvement, or to refine your current skill set. Allow time for skills to develop. That is why it is important to set goals and schedule time to practice.

  Players can utilize the player log book to take action, or at least understand the concepts and use the idea to frame what they think is best for their individual preparation. Allow time for rest days, other skills and other interests.

  We are excited for players taking part in our program. A positive attitude, work ethic, and passion for the sport of Hockey will help in this process.

  Throughout the sessions we will reinforce when required proper body position, technique, and overall puck handling while using both the Dangler Academy “Knuckle Puck” and Wooden Ball. Light weight stickhandling tools designed for repetition and control. Green Biscuit used for virtually any surfaces. We will use obstacles to put practice into play and at times use as challenge drills. We are committed to seeing players improve control, hand speed and hand-eye coordination. The work off-ice can translate to on-ice performance.

Lastly, Dangler Academy recognizes the work it will take over the next few weeks, and months. Our standard goal at Dangler Academy for time spent stick-handling is 10 hours start to finish. To achieve this, you will become a “CERTIFIED” Dangler Academy team member. It will be up to you to keep your Dangler skills in check on your own time or future sessions.

Make it fun, purposeful and rewarding...... you unleash the potential and desire to learn and practice more!


All the best,

Dangler Academy