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"VIRTUAL" Dangler Academy individual starter package

"VIRTUAL" Dangler Academy individual starter package

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ONE on ONE Virtual DANGLER ACADEMY Training session    * limited availability

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Dangler Academy Virtual sessions will consist of continuous dialogue (instant feedback), drill repetition, technique review and correction while giving positive feedback throughout the entire session. Like an aerobics class for hockey players. For players looking to improve or reinforce current skill set in a challenging, high tempo and fun environment all from your own HOCKEY PRACTICE SPACE.       
   Recommended for U13 but practice has no age barriers 

Package includes:

(COVID-19 safety, products have been handled with care)
    • 1- 45 min sessions via IPAD FACETIME (WIFI required) with Qualified DANGLER ACADEMY Instructor
    • Interactive (2020 edition) Dangler Academy Player log book (great for setting goals for time stickhandling and shooting)
    • DANGLER ACADEMY "knuckle puck" & wooden ball used in team sessions for optimal training on smooth surfaces (puckboard, garage floor) w/ 8 sample drill reminders & collectable sticker  (light weight combo for repetitive training with Dangler drill sets)
    • "Dangler Academy" Edition GREEN BISCUIT  Slides effortlessly on virtually any rough surface so you can train anywhere
    • Stick-Handling Skill Stick - Can create a straight line or variety of patterns (with 90º corners) as illustrated in Dangler Academy Player log book. Utilize ball or puck to move around, under or over for hours of fun!



Have you own ball and practice puck and do not require SWAG. NO problem. Select different product "ADD ON/ SOLO" session and get started.

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                Session#2, March 28, 2020


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  • Minimum 6' x 8' space - smooth floor required
  • Hockey gloves and stick
  • Running shoes
  • Obstacle of choice (or 4 pucks that you can distance 12" apart as required) 
  • IPAD via Parent contact #
  • Sessions running on weekends or evenings starting first week of April 
  • E-transfer also accepted 


NO Refunds. All sales are final  

Cancellation Policy: Please reschedule if situation arises at your earliest convenience using Calendly email confirmation booking tool you received