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U13 Puck protection & control

U13 Puck protection & control

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Puck protection & Control

Lead instructor: Mike Harding    MAX: 16 Skaters

Basic puck protection can be easier to learn and will help your game at every level of hockey, in every area of the ice. 

*Tips and tricks to maintain possession of the puck in all types of situations



Each player registration includes providing the following Waiver.

Dangler Academy Hockey Development will not assume responsibility for any injury incurred while participating in this Dangler Academy Hockey Skills Camp, both on the ice and during off ice activities. Certain risks are inherent during the participation of a hockey camp and hockey training.

Nor will Dangler Academy Hockey Development be liable for lost or stolen items during the duration of the camp.

I, the undersigned for myself, my heirs and assigns, do hereby release

Dangler Hockey development, employees, instructors, from any and all claims for injury, sickness, death, loss or damage I may suffer as a result of my/my child's participation in this Dangler Academy Hockey Camp

I further agree for photos to be used by Dangler Academy on any of its channels (social media, website, digital advertising, and/or printed formats for promotional purposes as related to this event.